Accelerating the digital economy with custom AI solutions

Powerful AI models to enhance your business 

AI Express is Brighterion’s custom model building process. We quickly build AI models to meet each customers unique business challenge.


Advancing AI development

You will work with a team of financial services and AI experts who will develop your model using Brighterion’s trusted AI platform.

How does AI Express work?


Business understanding 

Determine business objectives and success criteria. 




Select modeling techniques and determine model building iterations. 


Data understanding 

Collect, describe, explore and validate data.




Evaluate results and review processes to determine next steps. 


Data preparation 

Select, clean, construct and integrate data. 



Deployment know-how 

Review deployment options and create a high-level deployment plan. 

Your deployment toolkit 

A powerful AI model

Start seeing ROI from day one.  

Proof of value

An ROI-based business case with results to compare to your existing technology. 

Deployment plan

A future-proof deployment plan for long-term success. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of projects suit AI Express?

​​You may want to innovate or solve a new business challenge with AI or benchmark Brighterion AI against a current solution. Our team of AI experts will work with you to determine the scope of work and whether custom AI is best for your organization.  

How does AI Express work?

To begin, the Mastercard team will meet with you to discuss your business challenge. This is the first of a six-step process called AI Express. Developed by Mastercard to quickly build complex, custom solutions using Brighterion AI technology, this proven methodology prepares customers for model deployment in just weeks. 

Our team comprises data scientists skilled at designing custom AI models, domain experts experienced in using AI in your specific industry, and developers who build models geared to solving your business’s challenge. One of our skilled project managers will keep the team on track and liaise with your team lead. Together, we will determine your business goals and work with you to collect your data.  

We then prepare your data and select the appropriate modeling techniques for your desired outcomes. When the model shows the desired results, we will present it for your evaluation and review deployment options and plans. 

How will the custom model be built?

Your personalized model will be built using your historical data. This and future data are received from any source, in any format, and Brighterion AI enriches it using both artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will build three iterations and present the most effective version to your team. With your approval, we will finalize the model and ready it for deployment.  

Our full-stack, state-of-the-art modeling allows us to create custom models in a matter of weeks using our proprietary suite of data science, machine learning and ensemble technologies. 

The proprietary machine learning includes features engineering, model generation and ensemble tools to build an optimal model across segments. 

How should I prepare my data?

AI Express works with any data format from most data sources. We will help you collect, describe, explore and validate data. We take it from there, using our proprietary technology to select, clean, construct and integrate data into our model-building process. 

What happens after the model is built and tested?

By the end of the program, you will be able to demonstrate compelling results against your pain points, produce a return-on-investment business case for your company, and choose if Mastercard is right for you. When your organization is ready to deploy the Brighterion AI platform, we’ll be there to coach you on how to use the new knowledge across all areas of your business. 


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