Understanding your merchants and the potential risks

AI-powered merchant risk management

Merchant Monitoring identifies fraudulent merchants, providing risk scores to acquirers, payment service providers and payment facilitators.


Trained on intelligence from 150b annual transactions

Models are optimized specifically for merchant monitoring, using Mastercard’s 50+ years of experience working with merchants to make exceptionally accurate decisions.

How does Merchant Monitoring work?

Supply a list of your merchant accounts and receive risk scores monthly via Tableau. There’s no need to build a payments flow with this simple service solution.

Integrate via the cloud-based API and be ready to deploy in just a few weeks. With the power of Merchant Monitoring in your hands, you will control the workflow and optimize in-house.

How can you benefit from Merchant Monitoring?

Immediate deployment

Start seeing ROI from day one.

Increase profits and efficiencies

Empower your fraud analysts with accurate risk scores to identify fraudulent merchants.

Harness trust

Share in the power of Mastercard’s trusted data practices using responsible, proven, transparent AI. 

Frequently asked questions

What is global network intelligence?

Mastercard’s decades of experience innovating and managing transactions provide us with a vast range of high-level transaction intelligence derived from anonymized and aggregated data. Our models are trained on this intelligence to learn patterns and anomalies from anywhere in the world Mastercard does business. Models are built following Privacy by Design standards and meet compliance locally and globally. 

How is ​​Brighterion Merchant Monitoring different from legacy merchant monitoring solutions?

Our Merchant Monitoring solution is designed and optimized specifically for merchant risk management. ​ The solution looks at merchants holistically instead of only looking at transactions.​ This creates accurate risk scores and fewer false positives. Fraud analysts review only the highest-risk merchants. 

Using our experience from decades working with merchants, we finetune the solution to focus on risky behaviors, reducing losses while decreasing false positives. The model continues to learn with every transaction you process.  

How does this solution empower investigative teams?

​​With more accurate risk scores and fewer false positives to review, workflow is optimized and investigators only need to assess the highest-risk merchants. Depending on whether organizations choose to use Merchant Monitoring-as-a-Service or to fully integrate and manage the technology in-house, the workflow can be adjusted to suit your fraud team. 

How does Merchant Monitoring-as-a-Service work?

Reports are received via Tableau and each merchant is assigned a risk score from 0-100, with 100 being the highest risk. Analysts can sort the report to show the riskiest merchants first 

If a reliable merchant scores as high risk, the analyst may wait to see if they receive another high score. If they are flagged again, the analyst may choose to follow up with a manual review or start an investigation.  

How is full integration different?

The full-integration option puts Merchant Monitoring technology in the fraud analyst’s hands. Integrate via the cloud-based API and be ready to deploy in just a few weeks, receiving scores transactions made on any payment network.  

Scores are received through the Brighterion AI intuitive interface that comprises Rules Management, Case Management and Business Insights modules. You can adjust your risk thresholds to balance risk with profitability and adjust timelines to suit investigators’ workloads.

Can I create a custom model for merchant monitoring as opposed to using a market-ready solution?

Yes, you can. Using AI Express, Mastercard’s proven six-step process, we will quickly build a complex custom AI solution using Brighterion AI technology and prepare you for model deployment in a matter of weeks. 

Our team will meet with yours to discuss your business challenge. The Mastercard team comprises data scientists skilled at designing custom AI models, domain experts experienced in using AI in merchant and transaction fraud, and developers who build models geared to solving your business’s challenge. One of our skilled project managers will keep the team on track and liaise with your team lead.  


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