Fraud and Decisioning

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Fraud and Decisioning

Micro to macro insights

It all starts with the Decision Intelligence Score: an indicator of the risk attached to each transaction. The rest of our portfolio takes those scores and turns them into insights you can use to set rules. So, whether you’re looking at the big picture or the individual details, you’ll make better decisions, reduce risk, and approve more genuine transactions.



Of card-related fraud occurs on card not present transactions

Nilson, Nilson Report Issue 1209, December 2021



Of card not present fraud expected by 2027 (up 125% from 2023)

Juniper, Online Payment Fraud, Emerging Threats, Segment Analysis & Market Forecasts 2022-2027, Data & Forecasting, July 2022

Fraud Management Applications 

Predict transaction fraud in real time 

Detect risk patterns and build rules with a single tool. Track changing fraud KPI patterns for enhanced security. 

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On-Behalf Rules Services 

Rules you can rely on 

Prevent fraudulent card transactions with rules crafted by expert fraud analysts and AI scientists. It’s everything you need to bolster your security and reduce risk.  

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Transaction Intelligence 

Protection at every step 

Decision Intelligence uses AI technology and network insights to generate a score for every transaction – so you can spot risk trends and set relevant rules to approve more transactions.  

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