Bill pay

Make billing a breeze

Forge the missing link between bill presentment and reconciliation with our request to pay solution for consumer bill payments.


customer benefits

Digitizing and simplifying bill payment and presentment

Increase consumer loyalty and engagement

Make your app the centre of consumers’ bill payment experiences to increase usage and be their go-to provider of choice.

  • Improved customer loyalty and retention
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • One integration to connect to many billers

Delight and retain your business customers

Enrich your business banking proposition with an electronic invoicing and bill payment solution.

  • Differiated digital banking offering
  • Improved visibility of payment status
  • Increased revenue opportunities

Take control of the full billing journey

Bill customers electronically via their financial institutions using our simple, secure portal. Achieve greater transparency of cash flow and respond efficiently to enquiries to improve overall customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Direct customer engagement via a digital channel
  • Reduced costs accociated with queries and manual processes
  • Better automatic payment reconciliation

how it works

Bill payers enjoy convenience, flexibility and control in the palm of their hand

  • Bill notifications and reminders
  • Options to pay now or later
  • Use a card or bank account
  • Query bills within the app

Success story

A better bill pay experience for US banks, billers and consumers

Mastercard® Bill Pay Exchange provides a transformative, mobile-first solution, adding the power of real-time capabilities to Mastercard’s industry-leading biller network.

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Frequently asked questions

What's the best simplified bill payment process?

Consumers receive more monthly bills than ever before.  This can lead to missed payment, lapsed contracts and late queries. 

This experience can all be simplified and streamlined with Bill Pay. Viewing, paying and querying bills all in the comfort of their existing banking app helps the consumer keep track of bills and allows merchants to simplify the bill payment process.

What bill payment process can merchants use?

Bill Pay allows billers and merchants to offer speed, transparency, and control to their customers. Payers receive notifications for bills and reminders of what bills they need to pay through their usual trusted banking app.


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