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KyckGlobal streamlines business-to-consumer disbursements to optimize the payee experience while reducing overhead and delivering innovation for the payer. KyckGlobal’s cloud-based payments engine features more than a dozen of today’s most popular payment types, from which the payee may select. All payment flavors originate from a single point of reconciliation and are coupled with a wealth of valuable business services to support the payment.

use cases

  • Account closure payments
  • Advance pay: EWA
  • Bank-issued payments
  • ‘cash out’ from digital wallets
  • Charitable trust disbursements
  • Child support payments
  • Claims and appeasements
  • Consumer refunds
  • Daily pay (work/pay today)
  • Direct sales commission payouts
  • E-commerce sales payouts
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Employee incentives
  • Escrow overage payments
  • Gaming payments
  • Gig economy payments
  • Government disbursements
  • Healthcare payouts
  • Higher education loans
  • Insurance claim payments


KyckGlobal’s array of emerging and traditional payment types is coupled with a wealth of valuable business services to support the payment: Digital 1099 onboarding and TIN check, automated 1099 tax summaries, earned wage access, daily pay, and many others.


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