Multi Proxy Service

Pay you, pay me

Address people not pan numbers with our directory service, which allows people to send and receive money using a phone number, QR code or other unique ID



No need to enter the recipient’s payment information


Bank account details are protected and never exposed


Caters to payments between people at different banks

how it works

Multi Proxy Service securely stores and maps unique recipient identifiers to their bank account information with a look-up time of less than a second

Success story

"With PromptPay, it's easy."

Thailand’s real-time mobile payment service provides small businesses with a low-cost way to accept digital payments using QR code or corporate ID.

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Open Banking solutions

Our directory services are available to financial institutions and third-party providers operating under open banking.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a payment proxy?

A proxy, or alias, identifies a recipient and their payment account using a simple alternative, such as a unique phone number, email address or citizen or corporate ID etc. It protects their sensitive account information and makes sending payments more intuitive.

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