The digital transformation: from new to normal

April 1, 2021

Earlier this year, Transactis, a Mastercard company, conducted research among 24 large US banks. Their number one priority? Delivering on the digital transformation.

Watch Joe Proto, CEO of Transactis, in conversation with Peter Davey, head of innovation at The Clearing House at ePay Connect 2021. The pair share how digital experiences are no longer a luxury but rather a basic commodity and deciding factor for consumers and businesses when choosing a financial institution.

They also discuss collaboration between fintechs and traditional banks, the benefits of real-time payments, and how a combination of technologies and platforms are being leveraged to bring better digital experiences to life.

We're ready to hit the roaring 20s. I believe we are going come out COVID and it's going to be an incredible acceleration of everything digital".
Joe Proto, CEO of Transactis, a Mastercard company

Watch the full video below.