Three critical factors for successful central infrastructures in a real-time world

April 1, 2021 | By Hayden Harrison

Consumers and business are driving market demand for modernised and real-time payment experiences. Central infrastructure providers have a critical role to play within this environment, and therefore need to be resilient, scalable and trustworthy.

Mastercard's George Evers, senior vice president of the New Payment Platforms customer solutions group joined Rodolphe Meyer, director of Marketing and Development at STET to discuss the critical needs that central infrastructures must address when building the foundations of a real-time world. In a post by ACI Worldwide, they three critical factors, including the need for a robust regulatory framework, interoperability and adopting an iterative approach.

"The more capabilities you have in the platform, the more differentiation the banks can provide."
George Evers, executive vice president for New Payment Platforms at Mastercard
Hayden Harrison, marketing and communications, Mastercard