AI Express: Fast, efficient, proven AI model development

From AI model to scalable production in 6-8 weeks

AI Express: fast, efficient, proven AI model development

AI Express follows a six‑step engagement to build highly customized AI models for complex business problems. Customers can compare and contrast results to existing solutions and are provided with a tool kit that includes a deployment plan, an ROI business case and the knowledge to use the technology effectively across their organizations. This evidence‑based model-building process helps customers deploy with confidence.

 In this ebook, you’ll discover:

  • The importance of domain expertise and why the right talent is key when building an AI model
  • The options available for AI implementation
  • The pitfalls of building AI in-house
  • A dive into the six-step process of AI Express, from business understanding to an AI proof of concept
  • The deployment tools that organizations get from AI Express

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