Seeking approval - acquirers vs. transaction fraud

Acquirers on sophisticated fraud: what’s needed and what works

Finextra Report Cover Seeking Approval

With the major growth of online sales in recent years, transaction fraud has accelerated, in part due to fraudsters becoming more sophisticated. These "professionals" use advanced software and communications tools to support their global crime rings, working together to create stronger units.

To understand how acquirers are managing this increasing risk, analysts at Finextra interviewed several executives to “take a pulse” on the industry’s appetite for real-time AI, data-rich fraud monitoring and the various strategies currently being used.

Read the Finextra report Seeking approval - acquirers vs. transaction fraud, that summarizes the findings of Finextra’s interviews.

You will learn: 

  • How fraud analysts are pairing different technologies and why
  • The way global scoring data works with regional insights
  • How advanced AI delivers results in real time
  • The priorities that are shaping acquirers’ anti-fraud strategies


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