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Uniting against account-to-account fraud

Lessons from real-time markets

Uniting against account-to-account fraud

Seamless, near instant payments are a hallmark of modern society with RTP systems growing rapidly in recent decades, transforming the way millions of people and businesses around the world transact. However, as quickly as these near instant payments have taken off, so too has the corresponding risk of financial fraud.

To fight this rising tide requires a collaborative approach across governments, regulators, financial institutions, telecommunications providers, and big techs including social media platforms. Put simply, fighting fraud must be a team effort.

The white paper ‘Uniting against account-to-account fraud. Lessons from real-time markets’ explores solutions and strategies, offering insights and recommendations to stakeholders across industries as they work together to safeguard the integrity of real-time payments and protect consumers and businesses from fraudulent actors.

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