Brighterion AI

Advancing AI protection for the payments ecosystem

Revolutionizing AI for over 20 years 

AI is has become ubiquitous in business and payments. Yet for Mastercard it’s nothing new. We’ve been developing powerful AI models to reduce fraud and risk for decades. Today, we’re empowering our customers with faster simpler ways to deploy proven models at scale.  


Accurate risk scores from AI you can trust

Enriched with Mastercard's global network intelligence and industry expertise, our custom and market-ready solutions deliver accurate scores in near real time. Models are embedded with industry leading data responsibility practices and product design principles delivering safety, security, and trust.

Our solutions

Transaction Fraud Monitoring

Acquirers, PSPs and PayFacs are detecting more fraud and increasing approvals with this production-ready solution. 

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Merchant Monitoring

Acquirers, PSPs and PayFacs are accurately identifying risky or fraudulent merchants with market-ready AI.

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A2A Transaction Monitoring

Issuers are detecting A2A fraud across networks and payment rails, including P2P, digital wallet and QR codes. 

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Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Healthcare organizations are identifying FWA and optimizing SIU workflows.  

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Custom AI: AI Express

Organizations across industries are solving unique business challenges using custom AI models.   

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Trusted by leading banks

74 of the 100 largest U.S. banks use Brighterion-powered AI


Trusted globally

Over 2000 clients globally use Brighterion-powered software


Annual transactions

Over 150 billion transactions are processed through Brighterion software annually


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