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Bulk up your business with our batch payment solution, which allows you to automate salary and welfare pay outs to many people at once


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Our Bulk Payment Service overlays a real-time payment infrastructure to process transactions in batches, helping to smooth the transition to accelerated payment systems

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for 50 years

Vocalink processes automated payments — including Direct Debits and Direct Credits — on behalf of Pay.UK. On a peak day, 99.3 million transactions were securely made through our data centres.

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Standalone batch infrastructure

Bulk Payment Service can be implemented as a standalone batch payment infrastructure, functioning as a clearing house with the central bank.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between batch and bulk?

A bulk payment file contains multiple instructions of different types, whereas a batch payment file contains multiple instructions of the same type.

You can have multiple batches in a bulk but you can’t have multiple bulks in a batch.

Can you use bulk payments for salary payments?

Using bulk payments you can consolidate multiple payments of the same time, this can be used for salary payments, ensuring staff receive their salary on time.

Can we use bulk payments for welfare pay-outs?

Governments can use Bulk Payments Service to disburse welfare payments easily, securely and reliably every time. 

Do bulk or batch payments work with real-time payments?

Bulk Payment Service can overlay a real-time payment infrastructure to schedule and disburse batch payments at any future time. 

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