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In 2020, we welcomed Finicity to the Mastercard family. Our open banking platform and data aggregation solutions help US organizations to empower their customers with better financial experiences.

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Empowering financial innovation across the EU and UK

Aiia’s European network connects third parties to over 3,000 banks, providing secure access to personal and corporate financial data and enabling seamless payment experiences.

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Frequently asked questions

What is open banking?

Simply put, open banking gives you the ability to share your financial accounts’ data to access innovative financial service experiences.

Traditionally, only you and your bank could access your financial data. Open banking allows you to share that data with another financial service provider — either a different financial institution or third party, to empower you to use your own data for your own benefit. These third-party providers can include a wide range of fintechs, currency exchanges, merchants and other digital platforms.

What are the benefits of open banking?

The benefits of sharing access to your bank account information may allow you to access new, tailored and more relevant financial services that improve your control over your data.

For example, many of us hold accounts at different banks or brokerages. Open banking allows you to aggregate the information for all those accounts into one real-time dashboard of your choosing, so you can see all your money in one place.

It may even make your money smarter: Some financial service providers, such as Aion, overlay artificial intelligence to provide actionable insights to help you create a budget and manage your money.

What are open banking payments?

In some markets, such as the U.K., European Union, India and the U.S., open banking includes mechanisms to allow third parties to make payments from your bank account. These are often called open banking payment initiation services.

What are the benefits of open banking payments?

Open banking payments can help you to maximize rewards, savings and investments, or to help you avoid overdraft fees by allowing a financial service provider to move money automatically between your accounts.

Open banking payments can also provide a faster and more secure way for you to make payments online: Instead of having to open a banking app or use another online payment interface, you could make transfers through the service you're using.

Can we get support for open banking?

Our global consulting solutions help to identify, quantify, and implement business growth opportunities from open banking.

Can we use open banking for global transactions?

Connect to 3,000 banks in Europe to make payments and provide account information services, and connect to financial institutions in North America. Our open banking solutions are coming soon to Australia, Canada and Brazil.

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