Pay by Account

Check out with your account

Allow people to pay in store and online from any bank account or digital wallet wherever Mastercard is accepted


Supercharge your brand

Allow your customers to pay from their digital wallet wherever Mastercard contactless, QR and e-commerce payments are accepted.

  • Earn new revenues
  • Grow brand presence and relevance
  • Instil loyalty and trust

Delight consumers to grow loyalty and revenue

Turn your travel card into a lifestyle card by enabling customers to make retail payments in store and online. 

  • Expand your travel card into a payment card or app
  • Ready to use in existing Mastercard acceptance channels
  • Earn new revenues

Digital payments, simplified

Transform your mobile app into a payment device to allow customers to make retail purchases in store and online.

  • Simple enrolment and one Mastercard contract
  • Your app becomes the centre of consumer payment experiences
  • Sustainable, digital, plastic-free solution

how it works

A new way for consumers to pay merchants with convenience, security and control 

  • View balances before checkout
  • Pay from any account
  • Authenticate with app and device

Frequently asked questions

What's a simple way to pay by bank?

Enabling your customers to pay with their bank account is a convenient way to stay in touch with what’s in their account. 

Having visibility of the transactions made and the account balance prior to checking out with a store or merchant gives them the comfort and peace of mind to spend on that purchase right there and then. 

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