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Real-time payments

Instant Payment Service by Mastercard is a real-time clearing and settlement infrastructure for bank account-based payments. It powers faster payments worldwide.

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Bulk Payment Service

Bulk Payment Service by Mastercard is a batch processing and payment solution. It allows businesses and governments to schedule and automate payments to multiple accounts.

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Multi Proxy Service

Multi Proxy Service by Mastercard is a payment proxy look-up service. It allows people to send and receive money using a phone number, QR code or other unique ID.

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Bill Pay

Mastercard Bill Pay is a digital bill presentment and payment solution. It allows billers to submit digital payment requests for people to view, manage and pay.

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Request to Pay

Request to Pay Solution by Mastercard is a payment messaging service. It allows UK billers, aggregators & financial institutions to access Pay.UK’s Request to Pay Service.

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Cross-Border Services

Mastercard Cross-Border Services enable seamless, secure and certain international payments for people and businesses through a single connection with global reach.

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Financial crime solutions

Mastercard financial crime solutions help financial institutions to verify payment requests and recipients, trace illicit funds, and prevent fraud and money laundering.

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Mastercard Send™

Mastercard Send™ is a disbursement & P2P payment platform. It enables near real-time payments to consumers, gig workers and small businesses all over the world.

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Mastercard Track™

Mastercard Track™ Business Payments Service, our suite of B2B products and services, reduces complexity and risk, cuts costs, and automates processes for businesses around the world.

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Open Banking Connect

Mastercard's Open Banking Connect provides universal connection to European financial institutions’ open banking functionality, regardless of regardless of their API standard or implementation.

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Open Banking Protect

Mastercard's Open Banking Protect helps to increase the confidence of financial institutions when approving third-party requests to protect themselves and their customers from data loss and fraud.

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Mastercard Credit, Debit and Pre-paid, including digital and sustainable card solutions, provide a safe and accessible way to pay in store and online.

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Pay by Account

Mastercard Pay by Account allows people to pay online & make contactless payments in store using their bank or digital account on any financial service provider's app.

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Open banking solutions
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Consulting solutions

Mastercard's global consulting solutions help you to identify, quantify and implement business growth opportunities, solve challenges, and optimize payment strategies.

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Reporting and data analytics

Mastercard's data services provide intelligent insights to help you make clearer, more strategic business decisions and meet regulatory requirements.

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Our solutions

Our real-time and bank account payment solutions power digital economies and empower people and organizations with payment flexibility and control.

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