real-time payments

Fast. Like, really fast.

Send and receive money at the speed of life with our data-rich instant payment infrastructure solutions.


Faster money

Sub-second posting, clearing and settlement of funds

Smarter money

Richer data standards for more informational messages

Easier money

Services to pay using a phone number or email address


Our real-time payment infrastructure is offered as a managed service to provide security, resilience and accessibility for all

Success story

Empowering a generation of Thai entrepreneurs

In 2018, we introduced real-time payments to Thailand helping to transform the country to a digital economy and empower a generation of entrepreneurs.

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Frequently asked questions

What are real-time payments?

Real-time payments, also known as real time payments, immediate payments, instant payments or faster payments, guarantee immediate availability of funds to the recipient.

There are a number of pseudo-real-time payment solutions are available to the market, which post immediately, but major variations occur with the frequency of settlement, which can be in real-time or periodically throughout the day.

What are the benefits of real-time payments?

Real-time payments offer wide-ranging benefits for people, businesses and society.

Real-time payments:

  • guarantee immediate availability of funds to the recipient
  • support better cash management and improved visibility of balances
  • ease the transition to electronic payments by providing a viable alternative to cash

What are ACH payments?

ACH, which stands for automated clearing house, is a payment infrastructure for bank account-to-account payments. ACH systems can be real-time, but are typically slower and have discontinuous operating hours: bulk ACH systems post payments within hours or days of payment initiation.

Real-time applications

Our bank account-based consumer payment applications empower people with flexibility and control

real-time payment services

Our real-time payment services secure and enhance your real-time economy

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