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KYC is not enough: 3 ways to supercharge your onboarding

The data collected in the KYC process shouldn’t be the only information financial institutions rely on to approve clients and mitigate fraud risk.

Cyber Risk Management
Safeguarding the financial sector in an evolving cyber threat landscape

Third-party risk management has never been more vital to protecting the enterprise for banks and other financial service companies.

Cyber Risk Management
Harnessing AI for enhanced TPRM: Driving targeted risk intelligence

In today's interconnected business landscape, organizations heavily rely on third-party vendors, suppliers, and partners.

Cyber Risk Management
Steps to implement continuous controls monitoring for third parties

In today's interconnected business landscape, managing risks associated with third-party relationships has become crucial for organizations across industries.

Enhance customer experiences with holistic fraud prevention strategies

With fraudsters now looking to exploit any weak spot in a merchant’s defenses, it’s become crucial for ecommerce companies to assess risk at every stage of the customer journey.

Reducing transaction friction and fraud

Friction is anything that slows down consumers' online shopping experiences — from sign-ups and onboarding to selecting a shipping option.

Cyber Risk Management
What’s shaping the future of cyber risk management?

Organizations must continually adapt their risk management strategies to effectively safeguard their digital assets and maintain resilience in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Fortifying financial frontlines: Insider insights on fraud prevention

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, fraud prevention has become a critical concern for businesses.

Cyber Risk Management
The impact of DORA and NIS2 on third-party risk management

Both regulations require organizations to assess and manage the cybersecurity risks posed by their third-party suppliers and vendors.

Cyber Risk Management
Hypothetical breach

Breaches can occur and vulnerabilities may arise, regardless of how secure you believe your cyber supply chain to be. There is always the possibility of a new threat such as Log4J and Solarwinds.

Cyber Risk Management
Debunking vendor cybersecurity myths

From speculating that vendors have terrifying security posture to guessing that vendors have water-tight security practices, organizations make assumptions around cybersecurity too often.

Ensuring a strong digital fraud detection strategy in 2023

In today’s digital economy, it has never been so easy to connect online; from applying for a loan, booking travel, to making a one-click payment.

Chargeback Prevention
Stopping fraud and promo abuse at account opening

Traditional forms of fraud and promo abuse often begin before transaction, but assessing risk at account opening requires a particular balance between user experience and risk management.