Dispute management and prevention

Stop chargebacks in their tracks

Close the communication gap between issuers, merchants and consumers so you can prevent chargebacks before they happen 

A simple and transparent dispute management process

With more digital transactions, the need to manage chargebacks is becoming increasingly important. Chargebacks are top of mind for merchants and issuers as they can negatively impact the bottom line and the customer experience. 

With Mastercard’s simple dispute management solutions, you can improve purchase transparency to protect business revenues and grow customer satisfaction. 


Elevate the customer experience

Remove purchase confusion

Reduce chargebacks and friendly fraud

Pre-transaction solutions

Verify cardholders ahead of time

When multi-factor authentication methods are used, chargebacks can be reduced by helping to prevent fraud before it occurs. 

By employing simple but advanced methods for cardholders to verify their identity, Mastercard Identity Check allows issuers to authenticate customers without creating friction. Stronger authentication can help prevent more fraudsters from making purchases that may end up becoming a chargeback. 

Post-transaction solutions

Give customers more detailed transaction information  

When a cardholder doesn’t recognize a charge on their statement, it can create confusion that results in a dispute and unintended cases of friendly fraud.  

Helping consumers easily recognize purchases on their card statement is a simple way to reduce disputes caused by purchase confusion. With Ethoca Consumer Clarity, you can provide details such as merchant names, logos and receipts in digital bank channels and with issuer back-office teams to help reduce disputes and friendly fraud. 



Ethoca Consumer Clarity™ connects consumers to merchant and purchase details in real time. 

Dispute management solutions

Share dispute data in near real time to prevent chargebacks 

Ethoca Alerts connects merchants and issuers so that they can easily share dispute data. When an issuer is notified of a dispute, they can share this information with the merchant, who can then cancel the order, refund the purchase, and ultimately avoid the need for a chargeback altogether. 

Ethoca Alerts doesn’t just help issuers and merchants minimize chargeback management costs, it also improves the customer experience by providing a faster resolution.  

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