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2023 holiday season fraud prevention eBook

The sophisticated criminal economy is in full bloom. Individuals getting started in fraud rarely need to build their own tools. They simply reuse existing software to steal data and spoof or emulate.

Financial crime solutions
Using AI and collaboration to prevent payment scams

From romance scams to fictitious online deals, impersonation scams have plagued people and businesses and shaken the victim's confidence. However, the tide is turning.

Cyber Risk Management
Ripples across the attack surface

Sometimes small events can have far-reaching consequences, such as when one organization's security incident affects third parties and the broader supply chain

Cyber Risk Management
Gartner®: Hype Cycle™ for cyber risk management

This Hype Cycle demonstrates the need for organizations, including critical infrastructure operators, to respond, restructure and rebalance their approach to cyber risk management.

Paladin vendor report 2023: Fraud prevention

A non-biased compilation of security solution providers to help determine who aligns best with your company’s fraud prevention goals.

Cyber Risk Management
Balancing third-party risk

From speculating that vendors have threatening security postures to guessing that vendors have water-tight security practices, organizations make assumptions about cybersecurity too often.

Cyber Risk Management
Managing ransomware risk in the supply chain

There is surprisingly little data on a large-scale study basis that correlates the risk outcomes organizations are achieving through maintaining good cybersecurity hygiene.

Cyber Risk Management
Get ready to take on software supply chain risk management

Ultimately, agencies will need to use a mix of tools and research to ensure they have a complete picture of the supply chains for all government-owned and run software.

Cyber Risk Management
Risk management insights from 10 years of breach event monitoring

In whatever way you digest the news, you will see many stories about breach events, so many in fact, that one might reasonably conclude that every organization is compromised regularly.

Chargeback Prevention
2023 payments outlook report

Download our 2023 outlook report to discover four trends shaping the future of fraud-prevention, chargeback protection and omnichannel digital experiences.

Cyber Risk Management
Five lessons learned from over 100 ransomware attacks

Much has been written about hardening enterprises against the threat of ransomware, but what about protecting supply chains?

Chargeback Prevention
The first party fraud conundrum

New findings explore how first party fraud and chargeback volumes are shifting, as well as the tools and data points payments stakeholders are looking at to help reduce disputes and fraudulent behavior.

Central bank digital currencies
What small businesses want in 2020/21
What people want in 2020/21
The new criminal toolbox

The sophisticated criminal economy is in full bloom. Individuals getting started in fraud rarely need to build their own tools. They simply reuse existing software to steal data and spoof or emulate.

Chargeback Prevention
Digital receipts are just the beginning

Download our research to learn how digital receipts are unlocking greater engagement opportunities with consumers

Open banking
The rise of open banking North America

This research report measures the early demand and drivers of adoption of better-connected financial services and control over consumer-permissioned financial data in North America.

Do consumers trust online payments?

In collaboration with Nudata, PYMNTS surveyed 2,368 U.S. consumers to learn how attitudes towards data security have shifted since the start of the pandemic and how this affects online retailers.

Keeping pace in a global economy
ISO 20022 message standards