AI perspectives: Transaction fraud

The payments industry is changing and fraud is evolving. Find out how businesses are responding.

Survey report cover: FIs perspectives on AI to detect transaction fraud

As we step further into the age of digitization and AI, you might ask yourself, "How is fraud changing? Can AI help?”

Mastercard and Fintech Nexus wanted to answer these questions, learn what products and fraud solutions FIs are using today and where the payments industry is headed. We collaborated on a survey sent to payments professionals to gain their perspectives.

We were surprised that only 49% are using AI for fraud detection, even though most see it as one of the top use cases. With 93% of organizations intending to invest in AI over the next 2-5 years, we discovered what has been holding them back.

Read AI perspectives: Transaction fraud to learn more, including:

  • The technologies companies are using for fraud detection now
  • Payment companies’ roadmaps to adopt AI over the next five years
  • Perceived roadblocks to adopting AI
  • Other points of view on AI use in the payments industry

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