Transaction optimization

Simplify and secure transactions

Connect tools and data at each stage of the payments journey to strike the right balance between managing risk and providing a seamless customer experience

A seamless end-to-end experience

It’s critical that every link in the transaction process is secure whether it's browsing on a website or app, checking out, or even processing a dispute after purchase – to better reduce fraud and protect consumers' trust. 

Mastercard transaction optimization and decisioning solutions can help to reduce risk of fraud and chargebacks at every stage, enhancing the user experience from start to finish. 


Reduce fraud and risk

Improve consumer experience

Optimize revenue opportunities


Reduce risk from the start 

Even before a transaction begins, behavioral signals and device intelligence data can help you connect the dots and gain a better view of risk.

Combined with next-generation authentication, these tools can optimize the experience by reducing friction and identifying potential fraud early on. 


NuDetect and Mastercard Trusted Device can help you spot potential fraud in real-time before the transaction, without added friction. 


Mastercard Identity Check™ can help you strengthen security and create a frictionless verification experience for your customers – simply by sharing more information during the authentication process. 


Accurately spot and stop fraud in progress     

Using cohesive data insights can help you make smarter approval decisions to combat false declines, friendly fraud and growing chargebacks. 


For merchants, Ekata Transaction Risk API can help assess the risk of a single transaction. Using a wider range of insights can speed up customer validation and help reduce manual reviews.  

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If you’re an issuer, Mastercard Decision Intelligence and Digital Transaction Insights can help you increase approval rates and reduce false declines. They do this by more accurately identifying and preventing potentially fraudulent transactions without adding friction for consumers.   

Learn more: Mastercard launches next-generation identity technology with Microsoft to help more consumers shop online safely 


Prevent chargebacks before they happen 

After a purchase is completed, a transaction may be disputed. Having a dispute management program in place can help minimize chargebacks and friendly fraud – and the loss of revenue and reputation that comes with them.    


Ethoca Consumer Clarity™ provides consumers detailed information about their purchases, like digital receipts, merchant names, and logos. You’ll help reduce cases of friendly fraud while also building a better digital experience. 


Using collaborative tools, like Ethoca Alerts, to share dispute data in real time can make it easier to resolve disputes without the need for a chargeback.

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