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Cross-border payments
Transforming cross-border payments in Maldives

Partnering with Mastercard Mastercard Cross-Border Services, Bank of Maldives plays a pivotal role as an engine of growth and a partner for success for thousands of individuals, families and businesses.

Giving the gift of seamless payment workflows

Discover how Mastercard Identity's solution helped Karta prevent fraud, save costs, and enhance security in their digital gift card operations.

Airline identifies fraud faster with Mastercard Identity

Learn how Mastercard Identity significantly reduced manual review time and allowed a northern European airline to expand its fraud prevention role within the company.

How Sun Finance improved risk decisioning and grew sales

Discover how Latvian Sun Finance improved risk decisioning and reduced customer friction during account opening with Account Opening API.

Chargeback Prevention
How one U.K. card issuer reduced chargebacks

By leveraging Ethoca Alerts and the real-time disputes data it provides, this leading issuer prevented more than £1,061,203 million ($1.3 million USD) in purchase value from becoming chargebacks.

All fun and games until the scammers show up

Lazada’s shoppertainment strategy unites entertainment and retail to create immersive and engaging experiences for consumers.

Preventing promo abuse during peak sales periods

Promotion abuse, or voucher fraud, involves an exploit in loopholes in ecommerce platforms to illicit monetary reward in promotional campaigns.

Behavioral biometrics case study

Billions of users globally have turned to online banking, and expectations for a breezy digital experience are much higher now than ever before.

How a top international bank fights ATO attacks

This major U.S. financial institution offers a wide range of services, including personal, business banking, insurance, corporate finance, and private banking.

Chargeback Prevention
Leading US card issuer reduces chargebacks

By tapping into Ethoca Alerts, this leading US card issuer resolved $1M in non-fraud chargebacks and stopped $7M in fraud chargebacks in one year.

Match point with status match

Having launched only in the last couple of years - and during particularly tumultuous years in the travel industry at that - Status Match is still in start-up mode.

Client mitigates login attacks

Nudata clients mitigate it in the millions each and every day. Are bad actors using better credentials during their attacks, or just faking it?

Chargeback Prevention
Home improvement retailer re-tools its chargeback strategy

Priding themselves on fast order fulfillment, this home improvement retailer had a short window between order placement and shipping.

Hybrid account takeover attack at login

In the case study, we dissect a hybrid attack mitigated by the nudata network that mimics human behavior and leverages human workers to bypass bot-detection challenges.

Helping Umeå use spending data to strive for net zero

Mastercard is helping Umeå to align its tourism growth plans with its net zero ambitions, providing Carbon Calculator spending insights.

Chargeback Prevention
Chargeback prevention tailored for luxury fashion

For one leading luxury retailer, the volume of chargebacks every month was in the thousands, with an average chargeback value of $625.

Real-time payments
Accelerating Canada's digital economy

Tracey Black, president and CEO of Payments Canada, tells how the Real-Time Rail will bring opportunity to Canadian people and businesses.

Real-time payments
Making Hungary's payments faster and more secure

When Hungary looked to make a leap in the real-time payments space, Mastercard and ACI were on hand to deliver a solution.

Cross-border payments
Helping cruise ship workers reach new horizons and home

Brightwell provides unbanked crew members with a simpler way to get paid, spend and send money abroad, making smoother sailing for everyone.

Financial crime solutions
Providing confidence in every payment

Fraud leaders at TSB share how an innovative financial crime solution is helping to tackle authorised push payment (APP) fraud.

Real-time payments
Transforming Thailand to a digital economy

PromptPay has helped to grow opportunities for Thai small businesess and create a more inclusive economy for Thai citizens.

Making sending money as simple as sending a message

WhatsApp, one of Brazil’s most popular messaging apps, integrated safe and simple real-time payments with its encrypted messaging service.

How Milliman and Mastercard identified $239 million in healthcare FWA

Discover the powerful results of Milliman Payment Integrity and Mastercard Healthcare Solutions collaborating and utilizing AI to detect and prevent healthcare FWA.

Real-time payments
Beyond speed: the value of data

Our partners at The Clearing House explore how ISO 20022 standards to create better experiences for people, businesses and financial institutions alike.

Retail payments
Enabling low-cost digital acceptance in Pakistan

Mastercard QR was Pakistan’s first interoperable mobile payment solution in 2016. Micro merchants and large franchises describe the benefits.

Real-time payments
Modernizing Latin American payments

Peruvian operator Cámara de Compensación Electrónica recognises the advantages of upgrading to real-time payments with ISO 20022 data standards.

Real-time payments
Pioneering payment innovation

For 60 years, Sweden’s clearing house Bankgirot has provided a platform for innovation. We celebrate some of its ground-breaking achievements and look ahead.

Bill payments
Taking the hassle out of bill payments

With COVID-19 striking an inflection point for bill payments, U.S. banks, billing service providers and the local operator herald the 'request to pay' era.