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Worldpay reduces fraud by $50m YOY using Brighterion AI

Worldpay, the world’s largest payment processing company, used Brighterion AI’s scalable Transaction Fraud Monitoring, Merchant Monitoring and AML solutions with massive success.

Discover how Worldpay, the world's largest payments processor, has leveraged Mastercard's Brighterion AI solutions for merchant risk management and anti-money laundering.

What started as a quest to replace an in-house solution has blossomed into a long-term partnership marked by innovation and growth. By deploying AI globally, Worldpay has more than doubled its transaction processing volume, enhanced fraud detection and reduced false positives by 20 times.

Learn how Worldpay's holistic risk assessments, speed, scale, and ease of use have revolutionized their operations and resulted in significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

Download the full success story to delve into the extraordinary achievements of Worldpay and Mastercard's collaborative success.

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