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Market-ready AI offers a faster path to fraud mitigation

Fraud prevention and overcoming barriers to AI implementation

American Banker white paper: Market-ready AI offers a faster path to fraud mitigation cover

American Banker and Mastercard partnered to survey the banking sector about the trends business leaders think will shape their industry and inform their 2024 business strategies. Sixty-five percent of respondents agreed that new technologies would be the top trend influencing banking in 2024 (versus 46 percent in 2022).

This whitepaper takes a deep dive into the perceived barriers of AI implementation, the realities of this pressing challenge and how to overcome them.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How much banks are looking to boost their tech investments by in 2024
  • Why AI-driven solutions offer a more effective way to address fraud
  • What barriers banks face in the adoption and implementation of AI to address transaction fraud
  • How banks can get faster, more accurate results from market-ready AI trained on global network data

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