Finextra impact study: 8 steps to efficient transaction fraud monitoring

Proven AI technology increases accuracy in healthcare fraud detection while minimizing false positives

8 steps to efficient transaction fraud monitoring report cover

As organizations use more powerful technologies and have more advanced capabilities, they’re gaining ground in the fight against fraud. However, if they want to win the fight – more isn’t always better.

With an inordinate amount of solutions to develop and manage – time, money and opportunities are being wasted. Businesses are seeing increased data silos and little communication between systems and departments. As a result, there’s no complete picture of customer activities.

To solve some of these challenges, Finextra and Mastercard collaborated to produce an 8-step game plan on how to:

  • Modernize your system infrastructure
  • Better understand customer behavior across your organization
  • Consolidate fragmented data silos
  • Balance the sweet spot between innovation and security

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