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Upholding trust in a changing world

Get actionable insights to help reduce crypto risks in your ecosystem with Mastercard Crypto Secure.

Assess risk

Identify potential crypto risk exposure

Gain insight

Enhance knowledge of the crypto asset ecosystem

Take action

Make detailed evaluation of virtual asset service providers (VASPs)


higher fraud rates for crypto vs. non-crypto transactions1

Source: Mastercard internal data. Calculated at December 31, 2022.


projected global number of cryptocurrency users by 2027

Source:, 2022


estimated crypto wallet market value by 2028

Source:, 2023

Manage your crypto ecosystem risk

Compliance risk

Combat risk of money laundering from criminal entities making crypto fund transfers

Regulatory risk

Meet heightened regulatory scrutiny and oversight of engagement with any crypto transactions and third-party virtual asset service providers

Reputational risk

Improve visibility into cardholders’ crypto activity and the service provider risk profiles where they transact

Fraud risk

Detect and prevent fraud for crypto asset-related transactions 


A simple intuitive dashboard provides greater visibility of crypto spend, transaction volumes and AML risk rating exposure

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Identifying approval optimization opportunities

With VASP AML risk insights, an issuer could identify opportunities to approve issuer-declined crypto transactions from low-risk VASPs2, totalling more than $8 million total potential GDV.


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1 "Crypto transaction" refers to any transaction where a payment card is used to purchase a crypto asset.

2 Please note that Crypto Secure provides risk scores based on a VASP's AML risk assessed on the VASP's on-chain interactions and organizational attributes based on quality of KYC processes and relevant risk guidelines issued by EU and FATF. Crypto Secure is not designed to replace other risk analytic tools such as fraud scoring tools or other counterparty/ credit risk tools which may be appropriate for the issuer to employ to assess risk in crypto transactions in countries where purchases of crypto assets are permitted by local regulations.

Crypto Secure information is provided to assist issuers with approval decisions but the final decision on whether to approve or decline any transactions rests with the issuer.