mastercard send™

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Move money around the world with Mastercard Send™, which powers near real-time payments* to consumers, gig workers and small businesses wherever they interact.



Make near real-time payments at home and abroad


Address payments to a person’s card number or bank account


Best in class protection from payment and data fraud

Increase speed to market and customer retention

Gig platforms, online marketplaces and fintechs can scale their businesses quickly and effectively by providing near real-time payment solutions.

  • Single, secure connection via API
  • Offer customer choice, driving engagement and retention
  • Enable new revenue streams
  • Domestic and cross-border reach

Drive transactions and revenues

Retail, treasury and acquiring banks can enhance user experience and increase transactions by offering consumers and merchants near real time funds transfers.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and experience
  • Increase efficiencies and streamlined operations
  • Fraud protection and risk control

Improve customer acquisition and scale

Insurance companies, merchants and gaming and gambling companies can make fast, simple refunds and pay-outs as they grow their businesses

  • Near real-time receipt of funds to differentiate customer experience
  • Simply and securely address payments to a recipient’s card number
  • Reach billions of people globally

Simplify economic aid for citizens

Governments and NGOs can bring positive impact to the communities they serve through secure, transparent and efficient disbursements to people and businesses in need.

  • Streamlined application process
  • Transparent operations and reporting
  • Improved payments access and choice for recipients of the funds


Giving people control and peace of mind

Mastercard Send™ provides consumers and merchants with fast, simple access to their money.

Insurance disbursements

Transforming the insurance disbursement process by enabling instant disbursements of insurance claims

Person-to-person payments

Enabling people to send and receive money how, when and where they want

Rapid merchant settlement

Supporting small business liquidity by enabling rapid access to proceeds

Gig worker wages

Providing more consistency through on-demand wages for gig workers


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Explore our global community of trusted payment innovators to help launch and grow your disbursements and remittances business with Mastercard Move.

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* Actual posting times for approved transactions will depend on the receiving financial institution