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Fueling the global gig economy

The global gig economy is experiencing exponential growth as technology and changing human behaviour combine to change the way that we all work. But it’s not just transportation-based services such as delivery drivers or ride share drivers. The proliferation of on-demand services and the sharing economy have also created sizeable sub-sectors including professional services, household services and handmade goods and asset-sharing.

With an influx of workers in recent years, gig platforms must now find new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract talent.

One way is to offer on-demand wages; allowing workers to access pay when it’s needed, helping to alleviate income volatility – a major pain point. 

The report, ‘Fueling the global gig economy, explores how the gig economy has changed in recent years and how real-time, card-based disbursements can support a changing workforce.

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