Mastercard Payment Resiliency Solutions

Make every payment safe and reliable

When every payment just works, people trust you more

By providing timely and accurate on-behalf decisioning of authorization requests, Mastercard Payment Resiliency Solutions work to ensure your cardholders can transact safely and reliably at all times.

Payment Resiliency Solutions

Our Payment Resiliency Solutions ensure a frictionless consumer experience even when your systems are down.  And with three new features, you can take even greater control over how payment decisions are made on your behalf.

Accurate decisions with Dynamic Decisioning

Dynamic Decisioning’s AI considers over 200 variables to make intelligent decisions on your behalf – improving decision accuracy.

Peace of mind with Account Balance Listing

Account Balance Listing enables you to share primary account number (PAN) level spend limits with us to boost how accurate our decisions are, and get peace of mind around spending risks.

Plan for every risk with Contingency Manager

Contingency Manager allows you to set up rules to handle both predictable disruptions (like scheduled maintenance) and unpredictable ones (like cyber-attacks). 

Good for you. Good for cardholders. 


Give cardholders a friction-free experience, and protect your reputation, with timely and accurate authorization decisions.

Secure payments ecosystem

Protecting you and your customers.

Accurate decisions

Getting it right every time.

Always-on payments

Authorization decisions you can depend on.

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