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Ingo is the money mobility company. Since 2001, we have been innovating to deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective ways to move money. Operating under the Ingo Payments and Ingo Money brands, we provide banks and businesses with scalable, secure, and flexible technologies to support instant payment, payout and account funding use cases. As pioneers in the faster payments movement, we were the first U.S. fintech to implement push-to-card transactions and process billions of dollars in transactions for major brands, including top insurance, gaming, financial, and hospitality companies. With an unmatched commitment to service and support, we tailor our solutions to meet our clients’ needs and guide them from solution design to full-scale operation.

use cases

  • Digital account transfers, bill payment and P2P transfers
  • Insurance claims and service provider payments
  • Healthcare reimbursements
  • Loan disbursements and debt consolidation loan third-party disbursements
  • Freelancer, contractor and small business supplier payments
  • On-demand employee payroll, reimbursement, bonuses and gifts
  • Legal settlements
  • Refunds, rebates, rewards and incentives
  • Gaming withdrawals


Money mobility services for fintechs, banks and businesses.

Financial services money flows:

  • Instant account funding
  • Outbound money transfer
  • P2P money transfer
  • Bill payment
  • Software embedded payables tech for lenders, insurtechs, marketplaces, digital gaming and more


Business payables:

  • Ad hoc and recurring payouts, Single-party and multi-party payouts
  • Vendor payables, employee, and contractor payments
  • Commissions, rebates, and incentives


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United States

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