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Partners that integrate with Mastercard to sell solutions to banks, financial institutions, fintechs and merchants, thereby aggregating traffic from multiple customers through their single integration.

Licensed providers

Partners such as banks, financial institutions or non-bank financial institutions, money transmitters and acquirers that have their own licenses and leverage their integration with Mastercard for their own businesses or pre-existing customers, and to serve merchants and neo-banks that need sponsorship.

System integrators and independent software vendors

Partners including software as a service vendors (SaaS), independent software vendors (ISVs) or third-party integrators (TPIs) that enable faster and more efficient integration into Mastercard Send and Cross-Border Services for other licensed or sponsored customers.

Express partners

Partners that provide bespoke solutions for integrating to Cross-Border Services such as white label user interfaces, in addition to value added services that enable faster go to market for customers.

Mastercard Engage connects companies to qualified technology partners to make their payments strategies a reality. Mastercard Send Partners gain the additional benefits of the Engage program when they join, including promotional opportunities via the Engage directory, regional forums and events, as well as access to technical and product education.

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