NetXD Inc.

NetXD Inc.

NetXD Inc. provides a programmable enterprise operating system enabling organizations to transform their back office and middle office. For banks, NetXD offers a sidecar core that supports all major types of consumer and business bank accounts, embedded banking and paired with a payment hub with support for all major payment rails.

use cases

  • P2P
  • A2A / Me-to-Me
  • Brokerage Securities Cash Out
  • Credit Card Bill Pay
  • Business Disbursements
  • Govt / Non Profit Disbursements
  • Rapid Merchant Settlement
  • Business to Business Transfer


Transaction processing platform for banks and fintechs.

Payment hub with support for Wire, ACH, FedNow, TCH RTP, Mastercard RPPS among others.


United States, Latin America, Central America, EMEA


United States, India

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