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Green Dot is a financial technology and registered bank holding company committed to giving all people the power to bank seamlessly, affordably, and with confidence.  We enable our partners to transform how they make payouts to customers and partners by delivering trusted, best-in-class money movement and payment solutions. Green Dot’s proprietary technology enables it to build products and features that address the most pressing financial challenges of consumers and businesses, transforming the way they manage and move money and making financial empowerment more accessible for all.

use cases

  • Loan proceeds payouts
  • Rebates
  • Insurance claims instant payments
  • Employee payouts and reimbursements
  • Refunds
  • Gig economy worker instant payouts
  • P2P and A2A instant transfers


  • Send money instantly to any consumer debit card and many small business debit cards
  • Contractor, gig-worker, employee wage instant payouts
  • Instantly issue and fund virtual debit cards and checking accounts to embed into your offering
  • P2P and A2A transfer services
  • Mastercard Send bank sponsorship


North America


United States

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