Sandbox Banking

Sandbox Banking

Sandbox Banking is a digital transformation partner for financial institutions. Glyue™, its flagship offering, is utilized by banks and credit unions, ranging from $500M to over $200B in assets. Glyue™ facilitates seamless integration between more than 50 leading solutions in lending, deposit, KYC/AML, data, cards, underwriting, mobile banking, and analytics, bridging the gap between core banking platforms and cutting-edge, financial technologies. Enabling connectivity and streamlining API endpoint connections within existing systems, Glyue™ enhances the banking experience for financial institutions and their customers. With a commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions, Sandbox Banking is shaping the future of banking. For more information, visit

use cases

  • P2P
  • A2A / Me-to-Me
  • Business to Business Transfer


Sandbox Banking offers Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) solutions, particularly Glyue™, which facilitates seamless integration between various financial services platforms, such as lending, deposit, KYC/AML, data, cards, underwriting, mobile banking, and analytics solutions. Additionally, Sandbox Banking provides digital transformation consulting services to financial institutions aiming to modernize their operations and enhance customer experiences.


2024, H1–North America (US, Canada)

2024, H2–Europe


United States

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