Digital skimming: How to stay protected

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission received reports of over 1.8 million incidents related to identity theft and imposter scams. A significant majority of these cases were attributed to digital skimming or electric/e-skimming fraud-style attacks. 

In the latest report from Mastercard’s Cyber Analytics Research team, “Digital Skimming: How to Stay Protected”, researchers analyzed nearly 6,500 online merchants to better understand how e-skimming attackers identify targets and victims to provide vital insights into how businesses can strengthen their e-commerce and cyber defenses.  

 This report will illustrate: 

  • The correlation between cybersecurity posture and malicious code injection risk 
  • The impact of poor cyber assessment practices on your cybersecurity standing 
  • The importance of software patching and attack surface management  
  • How e-commerce sites can be exposed to a variety of new security risks via third parties 

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