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EV charging payments

Electric vehicles (EV) will take over the streets of Europe in the next decade in an effort to curb climate change. With that, the need for accessible and convenient charging infrastructure accelerates - be it at home, on the street, at destinations like shops or work or on-the-go at high traffic locations. Electrification of individual transport requires dense and accessible charging infrastructure.

EV drivers recognize that accessibility is a top pain point of today’s charging infrastructure due to lack of standardization and interoperability between different EV payment methods, charge cards and charging networks. To enable the electrification journey of European road transport, EV charging payment needs to be solved and become a catalyst for growth and accessibility.

This white paper, which is a collaboration between Mastercard and PaymentGenes, aims to uncover the potential to improve EV charging infrastructure accessibility and user experience by solving EV charging payments. The EV charging payments space is too broad to provide a simple recipe for all use cases. Rather, this white paper is intended to create a baseline understanding of possibilities from which tailored solutions can be shaped.

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