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Transforming how people and businesses move money

Mastercard Move is powering the next generation of payments between people and businesses, whether money is moving domestically or across borders, by delivering the ability to pay and get paid with choice, transparency and flexibility.

of the world's banked population*



cash pick up locations*

Your choice

Money movement beyond the everyday. Wherever money needs to travel, however it needs to be received, Mastercard Move delivers funds with speed, transparency and flexibility.


A one-stop shop for a variety of disbursements and remittances services

Choice and reach

Payout options by bank account, mobile wallet, card or cash to 180 countries*


Visibility and predictability of cost, fees, FX rates and payment statuses

Frequently asked questions

What is Mastercard Move?

Mastercard Move is Mastercard’s portfolio of money movement capabilities powering a variety of payment experiences from individual payments to disbursements. The portfolio includes the Mastercard Cross-Border Services and Mastercard Send solutions and will be further complemented by innovative Cyber and Intelligence tools to enhance security, increase fraud protection, and optimize the end user experience.

What use cases does Mastercard Move address?

Mastercard Move solves for a comprehensive range of money movement experiences with a combined reach of nearly 10 billion* card, account, wallet and cash endpoints. These experiences could include businesses paying flex or gig workers, an insurer issuing a claim payout to a customer, a person topping up their digital wallet, a small business paying a supplier overseas, a migrant worker sending money to their family back home

What do the solutions within the Mastercard Move portfolio allow?

Mastercard Move’s services enable money to move quickly and safely, both domestically and internationally for any purpose, reaching nearly 10 billion endpoints and giving access to an estimated 4.8 billion adults, and more than 95% of the world’s banked population*.

Our services span more than 180 countries and 150+ currencies, covering bank account, digital wallet, card and cash endpoints, including 2.4 billion Mastercard cards and over 300,000 cash pick up locations*. Our capabilities leverage Mastercard’s trusted network to deliver comprehensive payment choice, so that people everywhere are empowered with the confidence, control and flexibility to thrive in the global economy.

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